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Scoop Troop Rebrands to Swoop Scoop®

By August 26, 2023No Comments
Scoop Troop rebrands to Swoop Scoop

Scoop Troop Rebrands to Swoop Scoop®

After years of trademark filings and months of planning, Scoop Troop will now be known as Swoop Scoop®. We will be phasing out the use of Scoop Troop over the next few months and officially start refering to the company as Swoop Scoop beginning in September of 2023.

While it was a tough decision to change names from Scoop Troop to Swoop Scoop® our leadership team believes it was the right choice to continue the growth trajectory of the company.

Having federal trademark protections does not come easy, but is a critical part of our expansion plan. Now that we have an official trademark it opens the possibility of franchising which will allow us to open more locations even faster.

As of now most of our trucks have had the logo replaced and the website will soon be converted from Scooptroop.com to SwoopScoop.com over the next few days.

While it is a bummer to see the name Scoop Troop go, we are excited to be able to bring our five-star quality pet waste removal service to other regions across the United States. Currently, we operate our HQ in Spokane, while operating other locations in Seattle, North Idaho, and recently Salem Oregon.

Our plans for the next two years include launching locations in Tacoma, Olympia, Vancouver, Eugene, and Portland and then potentially begin franchising to other regions in the country.

We look forward to continuing to service our existing customers with the same quality and responsiveness anyone who works with Scoop Troop or Swoop Scoop can expect.

William Milliken

William Milliken is the President of Scoop Troop LLC in Spokane Valley, WA.

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