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Pet Waste Removal in Salem, OR

Swoop Scoop® is the premier pet waste removal pooper scooper company in Salem, OR. OurScoop Technicians are committed to providing your lawn with a clean, safe, and enjoyable environment for your family and pets all year round.

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Salems Top-Rated Pooper Scooper Service


Do you avoid your backyard because of all the dog poop that needs to be cleaned? Or maybe you’re just tired of fighting over the most hated household chore of all time, who has to pick up the poop? If that’s the case it’s probably time to hire the area’s best pooper scooper company, Swoop Scoop! See what our customers have to say about our pet waste removal service!
Five Star Pooper Scooper Service at Swoop Scoop

Hundreds of Five Star Reviews On Google!

I am so happy to have found these guys. With four dogs, it can get overwhelming to keep the yard clean. These guys have been absolutely amazing from the first time on.

Heather C.Google Review

Great service. I have used them for the initial after winter cleanup and have had them come out to do a cleanup every week since.

Gage B.Google Review

Scoop Troop is a amazing service. They are always professional, on time and do a great job. With my busy life it is one less thing I have to think about and of course the dogs love it too! So glad to have found such a trustworthy company!!

Debi D.Google Review

Love having this service, couldn't be happier!! I am so happy I made the contact for this service to try ~ and now they are keepers and come every week on schedule!

Toni B.Google Review

This company is 100% honest. They do my weekly clean up after my dog Doug's Poo. I love everything about their company and even pass out their business cards!

Ashley E.Google Review
Let's be Honest...

Nobody Likes Cleaning up Dog Poop!

You love your dog, but you sure don’t love cleaning up the mess they leave in your yard.

Somebody has to do it, but it doesn’t have to be you!

Swoop Scoop makes life easier for dog owners by cleaning up all pet waste from your yard.

We take care of the dirty work so you can focus on what’s truly important; loving and spending more time with your pets and family!

Swoop Scoop offers dog poop pickup services to both residential and commercial clients. We are committed to making a difference for our Salem community, one scoop at a time.

Our satisfaction guarantee is our professional commitment that you will be happy with the service we provide, or your money back!

Swoop Scoop Dog Waste removal car parked in a Salem, OR parking lot.

Free Initial Cleanup with Regular Service!

Swoop Scoop Pet Waste Removal Full Logo

Swoop Scoop®  is Salems Top Pet Waste Removal Company

We Provide Our Customers with an Online Portal to Manage Their Poop Scoop Service.

We Clean Your Yard All Year Round. Rain, Snow, or Shine Our Team Will be There.

No Contracts! If you are not 100% Satisfied You can Cancel at Anytime.

We Utilize an Organic Kennel Grade Disinfectant Between Each Cleaning to Keep Your Pets Safe.

Learn More About Swoop Scoops

Pet Waste Removal Pooper Scooper Service.

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Rain or Snow? No Problem! 

Swoop Scoop Offers Pet Waste Removal Services 12 Months a Year! 

Swoop Scoop female employees leaning out of a Swoop Scoop Pooper Scooper truck window.
Swoop Scoop Dog waste removal entering Salem, OR
Serving Our Community

Why Hire a Pooper Scooper Pet Waste Removal Company?

Here at Swoop Scoop, we are proud to serve our community by providing reliable and affordable pooper scooper services. With our rates starting at just $50 / month, everyone can enjoy the luxury of a poop-free yard without the stink.

Our pet waste removal services will ensure that your yard remains a safe and fun environment year-round, so you can focus on spending more time with your fluffy friends instead of picking up after them.

Here are just a few of the many types of clients we clean for:

People who don’t have the time

This is the big one. Busy professionals who work long hours, single-parent households, college students, and families with newborn children can benefit greatly from Swoop Scoop! When these individuals manage to find time to take a break and relax, it’s not surprising the last thing on their minds is cleaning up the dog poop. When it comes to this chore, consistency is key. After a certain point, the thought of cleaning the yard can become overwhelming and a full cleanup could take hours without a helping hand.

People who simply don’t want to scoop poop

Did you know that the average dog produces around 5.25 lbs of waste each week? That is a lot of landmines! For this reason, there are many dog lovers who have free time but still enjoy knowing there is a local service they can call to clean up after their fluffy friends. Many of the calls we receive are from clients who have not cleaned the yard in over 3-4 months. Clients who maintain weekly cleanups will actually save money in the long run compared to calling for 3-4 big cleanups per year. In fact, our scoop technicians have been credited with greatly reducing the number of arguments over who has to pick up the poop. With us, there’s no need to remember whose turn it is to scoop poop this week!

Seniors & Adults with Physical Limitations

This has truly been the most rewarding aspect of our service. We currently clean for seniors, individuals recovering from surgery, and other pet owners with certain physical limitations. For many of these animal lovers, having Swoop Scoop come to clean each week is a primary reason they are able to keep those pets in their lives.

Free Initial Cleanup with Regular Service!

Dog Waste Removal Services

Benefits to Hiring a Pooper Scooper Company in Salem

  1. Health and Safety: Dog waste can be a tripping hazard and can cause injuries, especially to young children or older adults. Pooper scooper services help to keep your yard and neighborhood safe by removing pet waste and reducing the risk of accidents.
  2. Improved Hygiene: One of the primary benefits of pooper scooper services is improved hygiene. Pet waste can contain harmful bacteria and parasites, which can be transmitted to humans and other animals. By removing pet waste from your yard or neighborhood, pooper scooper services help to reduce the risk of illness and disease transmission.
  3. Lawn Maintenance: Pet waste can damage your lawn by killing grass and creating bare patches. Pooper scooper services help to keep your lawn healthy and attractive by removing waste and allowing grass to grow properly.
  4. Time-Savings: Removing dog waste can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have multiple pets or a large yard. Pooper scooper services save you time and effort by taking care of the job for you.
  5. Stress-Free: Pet waste removal can be a dirty and unpleasant task, especially if you have a strong aversion to it. Pooper scooper services allow you to avoid this unpleasant task and maintain a clean and sanitary environment for you and your pets.
Map of Swoop Scoops dog waste removal service area in Salem, OR.

Swoop Scoop’s Salem service area includes Salem, Keizer, Corvallis, Albandy, Dallas, Monmouth, and Independence Oregon.

Dog Waste Removal Pricing 

No contracts, you can start/stop services at any time. All Work is 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back! 

Dog Waste Removal Questions in Salem


How often do dog waste removal services come?

Our Swoop Scoop team in Salem offers weekly, biweekly, monthly, and one-time cleanup options to best fit your needs and your pooper scooper budget.

How much do dog waste removal services cost?

The cost of dog waste removal services can vary depending on several factors including the number of dogs, the size of the yard, and the frequency of service. Generally in Salem, OR pooper scooper services cost between $50-$125 per month.

Soop Scoop Salem bills on a monthly schedule with pet waste removal pricing starting at just $50 per month.

Are pet waste removal companies licensed & insured?

It is always a good idea to choose a dog waste removal company that is licensed and insured. This will protect you in the event of any accidents or injuries that may occur while the service is being performed.

Swoop Scoop is fully licensed, and insured, and has a great reputation in the local community with over 300+ five-star online reviews.

Does Swoop Scoop clean the entire yard?

Swoop Scoop Salem will clean any areas of your property that have dog waste issues, including all yards, flower beds, dog runs, etc.

We do not clean the inside of homes. Just the outdoor space.

Does Swoop Scoop take the pet waste?

We are unable to take the pet waste after each cleanup at our Salem location. Once we complete the cleanup we will double bag all the waste and place it in the customers’ trash bin.

Do you service other locations?

Yes, Swoop Scoop has locations in Spokane, North Idaho, Seattle, and Salem, OR. 

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