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Residential Pooper Scooper Services

Pooper scooper services are becoming more popular than ever before! Swoop Scoop® strives to be the best residential pet waste removal company in the region by providing the highest quality of service to each and every customer we serve.

Our Pooper Scooper Team

Our goal at Swoop Scoop® is to provide five-star white glove service for all your pet waste removal needs. That effort starts by hiring great team members who love working with dogs! 

With a major focus on utilizing sophisticated systems, hiring great people, and communicating with our customers we have earned a positive reputation for being the top-rated pet waste removal company in the area. 

Live in a bigger community? Swoop Scoop also offers commercial pet waste removal services.

Keep scrolling to see how our residential pet waste removal process works and get signed up today!

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Scoop Troops Pooper Scooper Service in Spokane

Signing up with Swoop Scoop®

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Sign Up For Services

Go through our instant quote process, give us a call, or message us on Facebook to ask any questions and get signed up for pet waste removal services.

Schedule Your Initial Cleanup

Once you sign up for services a Swoop Scoop representative will reach out to schedule your initial cleanup and walk you through the entire process.

Setup Customer Portal

After your initial cleanup is scheduled you will be able to activate your customer portal where you can manage your Swoop Scoop service.

Setup Payment Method

All billing occurs on the 1st of each month before services are provided. You are able to setup automatic payments with a bank account or credit/debit card. Once auto pay is setup Swoop Scoop will generate your invoice and send you a receipt via email. These records can also be seen in the customer portal. If payment is not received prior to your first cleaning of the month you will be removed from the service schedule.

What to Expect for Service



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Arrival Notification

If you choose to receive notifications you will receive a text message letting you know that your technician is scheduled to arrive within 30-60 minutes. Swoop Scoop® is unable to provide exact arrival times as we optimize each route the night before to minimize drive time and help keep costs low.

Customers are not required to be home during time of service we simply ask for easy access to the cleaning areas and that no aggressive dogs be left out in the yard.

Yard Cleaning

Your Scoop Technician will arrive and begin cleaning up all of the doggie doo. Swoop Scoop staff members are trained to walk in a special route to minimize the chance of missing any pet waste and will always walk your yard multiple times to ensure everything is as clean as possible.

Safety Measures

Once your yard is poop free your scoop technician will upload a photo of your closed gate to make sure no dogs get outside of the yard. They will also spray down all of their scooping equipment with an organic kennel grade disinfectant to prevent the spread of illness.

Pet Waste Disposal

After all the safety measures have been completed your Scoop Technician will load up all of the bags of pet waste and place them in your trash can or remove them from the property depending on your location.

Swoop Scoop Policy & Terms

Pricing Policy

  • Quotes in most cases are accurate, however no pricing is final until the yard is fully inspected on the first visit. We will communicate with you if there is any price change before starting services.
  • Customers that choose to pause services for any reason will be subject to initial cleaning fees before being added onto monthly service.

Payment Policy

  • Payments for initial or one time cleanups are due upon completion of the job.
    • If you move forward with monthly service after an initial cleanup you will be billed for the remainder of the month on your second cleanup.
  • Payments for reoccurring services are due on the first day of each month prior to receiving services.
    • If payments are late you will be subject to a $10 late fee.
    • If payment is not received before the first cleaning of the month you will be removed from the service schedule.
  • The monthly fee is based on a 52 week calendar and averaged out over 12 months. For months with 5 weeks instead of 4 you will not be charged for the extra visit as it is built into the monthly pricing.
  • When first linking a debit or credit card to your online portal a test transaction for $1.50 will occur. No money is actually taken out of your account.

Winter Policy

  • Swoop Scoop operates 12 months a year and will always show up when weather conditions are safe regardless of rain, snow, or other unfavorable weather conditions.
  • If we are unable to provide service one week due to unsafe conditions we will perform double duty the following week and you will still be charged for the full month. This is because there is just as much pet waste and time spent on each yard.
  • Clients who maintain their subscription throughout the winter will not be charged for a spring cleanup when all of the snow melts and will continue on with their subscription plan with locked in rates.

No Access Policy

  • If Swoop Scoop is unable to gain access to your yard because the gate has been locked you will still be charged for the cleaning, however, Swoop Scoop will pull double duty the following week.
  • Your Scoop Technician will knock at the door and make attempts to call you before skipping your yard that day. You will be notified via the customer portal as well.

Cancelation Policy

  • Swoop Scoop has no contracts and customers can cancel services at any time for any reason with 48 hour notice. Customers can call in to cancel, or update their subscription plan through the customer portal.
  • Customers that pause services for certain times of the year will be subject to initial cleanup fees, or spring cleanup fees when they return to their monthly subscription.
  • If a customer cancels services half way through the month they will be refunded for services that have occurred. The refund will be processed to the payment method on file in the customer portal.

Dangerous Pet Policy

  • Swoop Scoop loves working with dogs! Our technicians have no issue working with your dog in the yard.
  • If it is evident that your dog is aggressive, or will not let us clean the yard we will make attempts to contact you by knocking on the door, calling, and updating your online portal. If we are unable to clean due to a dangerous dog you will still be charged for the visit and Swoop Scoop will pull double duty the following week.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Swoop Scoop stands by its work. If you are unsatisfied with any cleaning we will send a technician out to reclean your yard until you are satisfied.

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